Some very kind words from a selection of my clients

Niamh & David        

My initial reason for contacting Gillian was regarding my 5 year old child's growing pains. Following a consultation, I realised Gillian was in a position to also help with my daughters chronic constipation. While we were obviously delighted with the results of the treatments, what impressed us most about Gillian was the way she made our daughter feel so at ease. We have no hesitation recommending Gillian and have no doubt that we will continue to bring our children to see her.

I had been to acupuncture once before but I didn't feel comfortable with it at all. However, I wanted to give it another try as I heard it was excellent for helping with fertility. I asked around my friends to see who had been to an acupuncturist and I got a recommendation from a friend for Gillian and said I'd give it one more try. From the minute I walked in the door, I felt very much at ease with Gillian and very comfortable. She has a vast amount of knowledge on everything related to fertility and spent time taking notes on my history. She began work with me while I was doing cycles of Clomid.

I found the treatments very relaxing and learned a lot from Gillian. Unfortunately we needed to proceed to IVF so I returned to Gillian to help with this. Again, she was so helpful during this time. The treatments were relaxing and calming and a nice break from IVF. Everything went to plan when I attended the clinic for scans and I definitely think the acupuncture helped with this. I couldn't recommend Gillian highly enough, she is excellent at what she does, she is so helpful with everything and goes above and beyond to help you through a very difficult time. She is always on hand to ask questions and give advice and I am so grateful for all the emotional support she gave me.



I went to see Gillian following a football injury to my back which resulted in Sciatica. I had tried seeing various different therapists including numerous physiotherapists and a chiropractor but didn't get any relief. I hadn't been able to play football for a number of months and decided to give acupuncture a try. Within 2-3 visits to Gillian I was back playing and couldn't believe the results. Gillian also gave me some exercises to do at home which helped improve my back further. I would highly recommend Gillian.

Gillian Searson of Shenacu is an amazing therapist. She was recommended to me by a trainee acupuncturist and I went to her with a whole host of issues and definitely some scepticism which was thankfully unfounded.

Gillian looked after me so well and sorted out everything that was worrying me and causing me discomfort both big issues and issues that I thought were too trivial to speak to my GP about. She is so easy to talk to and she is great at getting to the root of problems without embarrassment or distress.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Gillian to anyone. She is a lovely person but more importantly, she is extremely skilled at what she does and I wish her every success in the world.



After a few unsuccessful ICSI attempts I was advised to try acupuncture to try and improve my swimmers, my initial experience was not positive - cold rooms, uncomfortable needles and personal conversations everyone could hear - to be honest the word relaxing did not come to mind. This all changed when a friend of my wife's recommended Gillian. She is extremely knowledgeable and put me completely at ease, I was so chilled out and comfortable I fell asleep! Within a few weeks I am sleeping well, eating better and have more energy.I now believe acupuncture works. For any bloke wondering if it’s worth a try the answer is yes, but only if you go to Gillian

After many failed ivf attempts, I finally found Gillian through the recommendation of a medical doctor. This was my final attempt and with Gillian I felt that I had my hand held through the whole process through to delivery of our baby .I got fantastic support, information and treatments especially when thing went pear shaped and when I was unable to travel to Gillian she came to me. Gillian is truly dedicated and a wonderful partner in a process that can be very difficult and stressful. I never thought I would look forward to going to get pins stuck in me but I did and always felt stronger, positive and relaxed after each treatment. I couldn’t recommend Gillian highly enough.



My wife had been attending Gillian to help regulate her cycle and found her very helpful so I gave it a try to see would it help improve my motility count. I had a couple of tests which showed motility under the recommended level at 45%. I went weekly for a month and then reduced to twice a month (total of 3 months) and had a re-test which showed the motility increased to 60%. I believe it was down to the acupuncture. I was slightly worried about going at first as I'm not a fan of needles but I don't find them a problem with Gillian at all. I don't even feel them. Overall I found the treatments very relaxing.

I was referred to Gillian with re-current miscarriage and auto immune issues 2 years ago. From the moment i met Gillian I knew I was with the right person. Gillian has a natural talent for putting people at ease and is one of the kindest, sympathetic and best listeners I know. Gillian worked with me while i went through an IVF cycle at a leading Dublin clinic. Her knowledge and understanding of my specific issues go far and beyond that of an acupuncturist. Through Gillian, I always felt equipped for the journey that lay ahead for us.

Gillian came on our infertility and subsequent pregnancy journey with us. My husband and I both feel that Gillian played an integral part of the safe arrival of our baby 6 months ago.



I attended Gillian while doing fertility treatment and also into my pregnancy. As the proud mother of a 9 week old baby I would highly recommend acupuncture with Gillian. I looked forward to my sessions and found them really relaxing, even apart from the fertility benefits.

My acupuncture sessions were my ‘me’ time – and I believe they benefitted me hugely during my treatment and pregnancy.

Gillian has genuinely been an amazing addition to my life. She helped me through an extremely difficult and risky pregnancy. Her treatments along with her great compassion helped my baby and I to a very successful outcome.

I consistently use her for my general health and definitely miss the treatments if I go through a patch where i can’t attend. I have recommended Gillian to friends who also find her excellent. She combines a genuine gift with lots of empathy- I have found it’s challenging to get both in one practitioner. Her acupuncture treatments are a must-do to keep my health balanced during stressful periods.



I attended Gillian for almost a year, during which time I had 3 IVF procedures. Gillian's in depth knowledge of the IVF process kept me really informed at every stage during the process. To be honest without her knowledge I would have been very much in the dark at times. I found the sessions with Gillian to be very relaxing and I looked forward to them. Her knowledge, warmth and informed positiveness was very comforting and calming for me during this very stressful period. Gillian cares about her clients and genuinely whats a positive outcome for them. I would strongly recommend attending Gillian before and during any IVF procedure.

My first dealings with Gillian was when I was suffering very badly with Migraines I was getting them very frequently and would last 3 days at a time, after treatment from Gillian if I get one migraine every 6 months now that's all it would be, thanks to Gillian I have a good quality of life now.

My husband has also had treatment for back pain from Gillian, and never looked back (excuse the pun) and My 4 year old daughter has received treatment for ashma, and now has no need for her inhaler. So all in all as you can gather from the above information I would highly recommend Gillian she is a lovely person as well being brilliant at what she does.



I have been a client of Gillians for over a year and have found her to be incredibly professional .From help with general wellbeing,acute ailments , pre conception treatment and advice, to care during pregnancy,she has been an integral part of my journey to motherhood.

I always leave an appointment feeling refreshed, and energised .No questions is left unanwered,the consultation is thorough,painless and treatments are tailored to your individual need at that particular time. She has been available for consultation if I had any queries and helped with lots of other areas, such as dietary advice and other holistic treatment advice.I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a pracitioner and I look forward to continuing treatment in the future.

I went to my GP with a Frozen Shoulder and he recommended me to a consultant at Blackrock Clinic and Physiotherapy. After a long time and spending a lot of money, nothing was helping and I also developed excruciating Sciatica in one hip. My mother suggested accupuncture and Gillian was recommended to me. She sorted my pain after a few visits . It had been excruciating and I was willing to try anything. She used massage, acupuncture and heat to release all my muscles and I found it so relaxing that I think I nodded off a couple of times! I have no hesitation in recommending her to friends.



I saw Gillian during IVF treatment and subsequently during what proved to be a difficult and stressful pregnancy. Apart from benefitting from Gillian’s professional expertise, I found her to be extremely supportive and reassuring. I would leave her treatment room feeling calm and positive. I would recommend her to anyone seeking acupuncture.

I got married in 2005 in my early 30's, my husband and I had decided to start a family straight away but unfortunately that was not to be. Two years had passed before we had got an appointment with a fertility clinic. I had endometriosis so I had a laparoscopy, then clomid and eventually IVF. I did 3 sessions of IVF 2 of them were successful but I miscarried on both occasions. Throughout this journey I had tried 3 different acupuncturists but I was never really happy, either it was too noisy, too cold or too painful to the point that i dreaded going and this was causing me additional stress. We decided to try our 4th and final IVF I had reached a point where I had lost hope and wanted to restart my life which had been on hold for 5 years. I had just started the IVF program when a friend recommended that I go to Gillian. I could not believe the difference the room was clean, warm, relaxing which makes you chill out instantly on arrival. Gillian's knowledge of infertility was far superior to other places I had attended previously. She was able to take me through all the different stages of the IVF program so I knew what was happening in advance. Even though i had done it before it was comforting to know that she knew and understood the program, this would be even more helpful if it was your first time to do IVF. In relation to Acupuncture she was able to tailor the treatment to suit me, for the 1st time I was able to relax and enjoy acupuncture and couldn't believe it when I started to look forward to the sessions. Gillian examined my diet and although I had quite a healthy diet she explained to me that it was not the ideal diet for getting pregnant. Gillian recommended changes in my diet which I took on board. Gillian has a chat with you before the acupuncture and I found these chats invaluable. Infertility is an extremely lonely journey and no matter how good your partner is he will never understand the pain that you experience every day, every month. Gillian was the first person to acknowledge that infertility is very difficult and stressful. She made me put myself first and I began to look after myself even to the point of being selfish. When people offered help I took it particularly the 2 weeks after implantation I just rested completely going from the bed to the couch. Friends and family cooked and cleaned for me. I followed Gillian's instructions to the letter which included not even putting a cup into the dishwasher in that 2 weeks! When I got a positive pregnancy result I was very nervous given my history but Gillian worked with me to prevent a miscarriage. A few months ago I had little girl. I feel so lucky. I highly recommend Gillian as meeting her totally changed my approach and attitude towards IVF. If you are already on your journey or you are just starting out I wish you the very best of luck.



I have been attending Gillian Searson for acupuncture treatment since 2009 and am very pleased to say that I have found, and continue to find, her treatment of very significant benefit. Always full professional in her approach, her support has been invaluable. I am happy to recommend her without reservation.

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Shenacu provides Acupuncture alongside Tui Na (Chinese medical massage), moxibustion, cupping, lifestyle and nutritional advice which are all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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